2020/2021 Board & Committee Members

Bingo Night: Michelle Lewis, mylewis78@gmail.com


Book Fair: Christina Banham, banham31@yahoo.com

Book Fair: Andrea Ard, andrea.wyatt@rocketmail.com


Book Friday: Christina Banham, banham31@yahoo.com

Box Tops: Michelle Lewis, mylewis78@gmail.com

Communications (facebook/IG/website/emails): Jackie Milewski, jsocrchik@yahoo.com

Fifth Grade Party: Michele Ferrer, mferrerseattle@gmail.com

Fifth Grade Party: Becky Crowley, beckym12@hotmail.com

Friday Treats: Jillian Sawin, jules41@hotmail.com

Friday Treats: Alicia Monroe, lishylou14@yahoo.com

Fundraiser (Dance-a-Thon/Penny Wars):  Becky Crowley, beckym12@hotmail.com

Read & Lead: Amy Ortega, amyortega@gmail.com 

Read & Lead: Jillian Sawin, jules41@hotmail.com

Staff Appreciation: Amy Ortega, amyortega@gmail.com

Staff Appreciation: Carmen Neal, ThisNealFamily@gmail.com


Sunshine Fund: Janette Williams, williams8352@gmail.com


Yearbook: Heidilynn Orr, curlytazz@yahoo.com

Yearbook: Michele Ferrer, mferrerseattle@gmail.com


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